Our systems can be configured to existing wall infrastructures or developed from the ground up. We’re committed to providing the very best quality products and service at competitive prices.  Over 8 years of experience developing office space solutions sets us apart.

   Technical Specification


Features & Specifications
System is omega of breaks most widespread in the domestic market because of the quality of the global enjoyed and flexibility Alvatqh in design by the client's needs and has been Omega work consistently and hard high on the continued development even became the first in the domestic market, system consists Omega of frames Aluminum high quality and purity as well breakers of Kulvaaz that allow extensions electricity wires and networks with a wide choice of compressed wood shingles.


Omega Glazed Partition

Omega breaks glass
This kind of high spacers goodwill because it gives a deep sense that you are in an open area with a distinctive trait of full sound insulation

Technical information’s

The partition is build of structure of aluminum and stud size 65 mm * 0.6 mm thickness.

Floor and ceiling tracks fixed on each side with 12 mm plasterboard or melamine partial boards .

We have 2 options solid flat door size 90 cm * 200 mm, 90 cm * 220 cm Colors are optional
Also we have option of tempered clear glass thick 10 mm with Italian handle and lock.


The plasterboard panels are 12 mm thick and range from 24m – 3.0 m.

Also we have option melamine particle board size 1220 width * 2745 height * 12mm thickness.

Where ever the partitions go over this height, we use a joint trim to accommodate that feature.

Frameless partition system (Italian Click System ).

G.LUXE is a partition system to organize space in your office with the very elegant and fine shape and solution. The glass partition is mode of panes up to the ceiling, joined on the sides with a very thin aluminum or polycarbonate profile to have bright office without barriers. The single – pane ‘structure is supported by aluminum solid – drown tubes along the part fastened to the floor, the ceiling and the side walls.